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We are a Specialist Infection Control and Environmental Hygiene Company based in Dorset. With over 20 years experience we provide our Specialist Infection Control Service to a wide range of customers across London, Bournemouth, Southampton and across the UK.

Specialist Infection Control Services

At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning our Infection Control / Trauma Scene Division have over 20 years experience of dealing with infection outbreaks, offering a 24/7 365 emergency response service throughout The UK.

Our highly trained technicians work quickly and professionally to eliminate the source of the outbreak with the use of Trigene Disinfectant and provide long term solutions against a wide range of bacteria and viruses which if left can lead to possible infections and illnesses.

Our Specialist Team are experienced in dealing with Trauma Scene Cleaning and Infection Control in a whole range of locations including, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Offices, Schools, Nurseries, Hotels, and GP Surgeries. We approach every situation on an individual basis and adapt our procedures according to the surrounding environment and the nature of the potential infection outbreak.

Our good practices policy section gives useful guidelines to follow in an attempt to prevent harmful bacteria & viruses from developing and spreading. We at Pinnacle Cleaning believe that there are three key stages of the decontamination process – Clean (removal of food source for bacteria) – Disinfect (eliminate all remaining bacteria & viruses) – Sterilise (making a safe Environment for all).

In the event of an infection outbreak our infection control emergency response service can effectively eliminate the source of infections and have the contaminated area back in use quickly and with the minimal amount of disruption to you and your staff.

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Ductwork Cleaning Services

At Pinnacle CLEANING services we have a specialist HVAC and Kitchen Extract Systems who provide their dedicated HVAC and Kitchen Extract cleaning services to a large number of businesses across the South of England and throughout the UK.

Our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division was set up specifically to cope with the level of cleaning required for both HVAC and Kitchen Extract Systems due to new legislation and tighter controls on both public welfare and public safety.

The services that our Ductwork Cleaning Division provide are insurance company compliant and they provide a Fully Audited Cleaning & Hygiene Service including Visual & Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, Completion forms and offer a recognised certificate of completion on all works. They are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and are also a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association(B&ES).

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Ductwork Risk Assessments

At Pinnacle Cleaning services we can arrange for a full Risk Assessment of your companies Ductwork or Kitchen Extract Systems to be carried out by Essential Risk Assessments. Essential Risk Assessments are a HVAC and Kitchen Extract Risk Assessment and testing company based in Christchurch, Dorset. Essential Risk Assessments provide their specialist HVAC and Kitchen Extract Risk Assessment and Testing Services to a large number of businesses across Bournemouth, Southampton, London, Bristol and throughout the UK.

The Risk Assessment and Testing service that Essential Risk Assessments provide has become even more important due to increased Health and Safety legislation and tighter controls on public welfare and public safety.

Essential Risk Assessments provide a thorough Risk Assessment and Hygiene Testing Service for your HVAC and Kitchen Extract Systems. We believe that a regular Hygiene Testing Program is vital in the attempt to eliminate the threat of dangerous infections developing and spreading throughout the workplace.

Essential Risk Assessments provide an insurance company compliant service and the services that they provide adhere to the latest industry standards the HVCA Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems and the current British Standard BS EN 15780 : 2011 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of ventilation systems. The service that Essential Risk Assessments provides will ensure that your business complies with these standards.

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