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At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning services we have a great deal of experience in dealing with the elimination and prevention of many dangerous Bacteria strands and viruses in Infection Control Outbreak Situations. See more details below:

Good Practices Guilde

Over the years at Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services, we have experienced many Infection Control situations. We have used this experience to write the good practice guide below. We feel that the seven points below if followed thoroughly can help stop the spread of dangerous bacteria and Viruses at the source. We believe that if the points below are followed both at home and in the work place it will greatly reduce the potential spread of dangerous infections.

Our good practice points are below:

  • Regular Cleaning and disinfection Programs should be carried out including an Audited Cleaning account which should include: The Risk Assessment of what was cleaned, The time and date of the clean, who completed the clean, Method Statements showing the method of cleaning and COSH assessments showing what chemicals were used in the cleaning process.

  • Surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly before disinfecting to remove dirt and contaminants which if left untreated can become a food source for bacteria and viruses.

  • All surfaces should be disinfected by using a broad spectrum disinfectant in accordance with COSH assessments to remove any fungi or bacteria.
  • When using tissues or hand towels dispose of them in the correct waste bin to stop the spread of infection.

  • When cleaning and disinfecting pay particular attention to the main points of contact for example door handles, window latches and hand rails.

  • In an office environment when using someone else's keyboard, we recommend to use a personal protective cover for the fast and effective elimination of dangerous bacteria and viruses which can be the cause of infections.

  • Washing Hands at regular intervals and the use of a hand sanitiser wherever possible can prevent cross contamination and the threat of Infection.

In the event of an Infection Control situation at Pinnacle Cleaning Services we provide a full Infection Control Service for the fast and effective elimination of dangerous infection caused by the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

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